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Today's blog is written by Accountant: Gioia Pepe (Joy-ya) (Owners Eldest Daughter) Topic: Children and Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder, are vastly misconceived as of having a behavioral disorder. This is not always the case. Today, in this post, I will be covering this one misconception.  Autism in it's entirety isn't just a behavioral disorder. Meaning, It isn't all really just like how they present it to you in the movies, shows, ect. Autism, just like any other disorder has a wide "spectrum." There are different variables to take into account.  Every individual with Autism is different. Example: Few or almost all people with Autism have a sensitivity issue to something. Now, where the spectrum part comes into play is all about what that thing is that your sensitive to, and how strong is it. "Remember" this is just "one" example besides a behavioral issue "not" all of them. For Instance, some children and adults, have a sensitivity to noise/sounds.  Now you see, every one is different in this case, because some people who are on the spectrum can't stand any irritating little noise, while some can only not handle the louder noises which is more reasonable to a person not retaining the Autistic traits. If a noise in particular is disturbing a child, and no one is aware of it, then they will just assume that the child is being disrespectful, interruptive, or a "brat" per say. When this child is rocking in their chair, or whatever they may do in this case to cope or sooth themselves, A term that mostly goes by the name stimming in the Autism community.  Personally, when I was younger, I would occasionally wear noise cancelling headphones in the house or just pop in some earbuds and listen to music when ever I felt necessary, but in different scenarios such as school, I didn't quite have much say in when I could wear them due to the fact that, well, for one, I didn't feel comfortable and two most often the teacher would be talking. So how can I block out the noise of the disruptive students and also listen to the teacher at the same time so I can stay focused on my work. Easy answer. You can't. Luckily for me, I have home schooled for some of my school years, and for the other years my mother fought to get me and my sisters the resources that we needed.  Over time, I overcame a lot and I mean a lot of things that used to drag me down from being the best version of myself, but don´t worry they don´t anymore! I use to be uncomfortable when approaching people, but now, I approach people like you, in public, about our business, and direct you to our website, so that you can help be apart of our mission to spread Autism Awareness!